Company news
    Today is launch day

    2021 was definitely a revolutionary year for AKC (and I’m not talking about Covid!). 

    Within the marketing plan was an activity that, on the one hand, I was looking forward to kicking off, but on the other hand (perhaps a little bit of prior experience) I was looking at it with an air of defiance. I had the feeling it wanted to throw a monkey wrench in my works.

    In fact, thinking about it now, it is an activity that – to use the PM’s jargon – requires the allocation of many resources and at the same time many hours of work.  

    We at AKC, however, are united by a feeling of positivity that characterizes us, so when the time came and rolled up our sleeves, we set to work with great enthusiasm.


    New website? We can no longer escape!

    Yes. The activity that, from March to today, would have required 6 months of work, was the design and creation of the new website to better represent the evolution of the company. 

    What evolution, you may ask? 

    Let’s start from the beginning. In early 2021 our company name changed. From Akeron Consulting we became AKC, the acronym for “Advanced Knowledge Consulting“, from which the new pay off was also born: Crossing Knowledge, Performing Evolution

    Within the name and the payoff, as you may have already guessed, two concepts dominate: Knowledge and Evolution

    These represent two columns through which, during the ReBranding phase, we decided to communicate our core business: consulting services provided by people, or rather, provided thanks to the knowledge and experience of the resources that make up AKC.

    Hand in hand with the ReBranding activity, we finally felt the need to convey a new image: fresher, more relevant, more tailored to us. 

    We could no longer escape from the creation of the new website, in pendant with everything else!


    From concept to Evolution 

    Without realizing it, we were getting throught colors, fonts, graphics, layouts, and textual content. 

    The project was beginning to take shape.

    Our goal was to convey the user, who would navigate the site, the skills and experience that characterizes AKC consultants who assist clients every day. 

    From this need was born the idea to structure the site and especially to design the textual content. 

    We decided that the main menu should highlight the core services that make up our offering, the sectors in which we have been operating for years, our technological partners, which in a certain sense allow us to communicate the technical skills we possess and the events, digital experiences through which we have the mission to communicate our skills in various areas.

    From the hamburger menu, however, it is possible to access other sections of the site. I remember, for example, the page “About us”, the blog that is updated biweekly, customers, career paths and, last but not least, a page exclusively dedicated to people

    Through it you can get to know all the resources that make up the AKC family. Users will be able to see with their eyes the consultants who work on individual projects every day.

    Finally, you will notice many statues, the iconographic element through which we have depicted the concept of “Knowledge“, bringing it back to our reality characterized by a constant “Evolution“, both because our competences are constantly evolving, and because in AKC we never get tired of testing something new continuously.


    Are you curious now?

    At this point I would not like to add anything else. We would be very pleased if you could see the new website with your own eyes. 

    I wish you “good navigation”!


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