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    AKC proudly unveils AKC North America: a major milestone in the expansion journey in North America

    With great enthusiasm, AKC has officially announced the launch of AKC North America during the recent Mid-Year Business Review. This significant moment marks a crucial milestone in the company’s expansion journey into the North American market. AKC’s goal is to establish a business model similar to the one established in Italy, working closely with partners to bring to the region the best competencies on CCH® Tagetik, Wolters Kluwer’s Expert Solution. 

    Since its inception, AKC North America has demonstrated a strong presence, boasting an impressive client portfolio achieved through solid expertise built over more than 20 years of operation, a well-defined strategy, and collaboration between the AKC team and local partners.” 

    AKC North America: a bold achievement in the North American market

    AKC has embarked on an ambitious goal: after expanding its operations in the Nordic countries, it intends to conquer the North American market as well. The project envisions creating a business model like the Italian one, working closely with partners to develop the business and bringing AKC’s distinctive competencies to the region, recognized as the best in the world for CCH® Tagetik. 

    The launch of the new company has been extremely positive, to the extent that AKC North America, right from the moment of its launch, can boast a portfolio of over 20 clients, primarily active in the banking and insurance industries.  

    Also planned is a short-term hiring strategy, aimed at expanding the overseas team, led by two key figures: 

    • Andrea Martinelli, General Manager of AKC North America, previously Director of CPM Professional Services for CCH® Tagetik North America; 
    • Francesco Pera, Head of Consulting Services at AKC North America. 

    The birth of AKC North America represents a significant step in AKC’s expansion into the Overseas market. Thanks to the combination of skills and knowledge within the AKC team, the company will be able to continue working closely with local customers and partners, providing high-level solutions, and developing new business opportunities in a highly competitive market.  

    Michele Barsanti, Partner and Business Developer at AKC, commented:

    With great enthusiasm, AKC embraces the new challenge of conquering the North American market with AKC North America. This ambitious achievement sees us bringing our distinctive competencies to a global level. We are ready to further grow and solidify our presence by offering solutions of excellence. I cannot express how proud I am of this accomplishment, and I firmly believe that it will reach even greater heights, supported by our exceptional team.” 

    The birth of AKC North America

    AKC has been operating in the North American market for 5 years, following a path that, until last year, was characterized by a certain variability: customer requests were managed based on the needs of CCH® Tagetik North America. However, AKC’s ability to provide high-quality services has increasingly strengthened the relationship with both the partner and overseas clients.  

    Especially with the increase in the number of clients and project complexity, it became evident that AKC needed operational resources in the American time zone and localized personnel in the region. This need became even more significant in the post-pandemic period, when there was a resurgence of in-person meetings and relationships.  

    After the pandemic, AKC began to contemplate expanding its horizons by opening a new Business Unit to operate in the United States and Canada market. This opportunity was made possible through the strong trust between AKC and CCH® Tagetik North America, as well as AKC’s deep understanding of the North American market. 

    A fundamental step that has contributed to the excellent outcome of the internationalization process was the entry into the company of Andrea Martinelli, General Manager of AKC North America, who commented: 

    I am thrilled to elevate our North American journey to new heights. AKC remains an integral part of CCH® Tagetik’s history, and I’m confident that we possess the necessary qualities to assume a crucial role in the future, closely aligning with contemporary trends such as IBP and ESG. 

    AKC embodies the quintessence of a reliable partner: we are partners of CCH® Tagetik, partners of our Customers, and partners of fellow CCH® Tagetik Partners. 

    Fueled by my hands-on experience and network, coupled with AKC’s DNA and unwavering values of Knowledge and Expertise directed toward customer satisfaction – an achievement that once again led us to secure the Leading Competence Center award from Wolters Kluwer – our expectations are grand. 


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