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    Logistics Forum 2023: AKC among the exhibitors with CCH® Tagetik

    The Logistics Forum 2023 makes its debut in Rimini from October 22 to 24. An event of extraordinary importance in the logistics and supply chain management landscape that will also feature AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting and CCH® Tagetik, a Wolters Kluwer expert solution, among its exhibitors this year.

    A packed schedule of events includes seminars, workshops, and spaces dedicated to exhibitors, including the one hosted by AKC in collaboration with CCH® Tagetik, titled “Strategy and Pragmatism for Achieving Effective and Sustainable SCP Solutions Over Time.” This session will explore strategic and practical approaches to implementing effective supply chain planning and control solutions, thus helping to redefine best practices in the industry.

    Strategy and Pragmatism for Achieving Effective and Sustainable SCP Solutions Over Time

    Among the sessions to keep an eye on is the event organized by AKC in collaboration with CCH® Tagetik. The supply chain is facing increasingly pressing challenges, such as supply interruptions, limited resources, and uncertainties that have become the norm. To address this new normal, it becomes essential to adopt more resilient strategies.

    Companies must invest in advanced monitoring systems, accurate forecasting, and technological solutions capable of handling complex situations. The use of short-term strategies has proven to be less effective and inadequate in the current landscape. Companies are evolving towards a more mature approach to planning, moving away from tactical approaches in favor of strategic ones, thereby addressing challenges through supply chain planning guided by precise, consistent, and sustainable roadmaps in line with business evolution.

    In this context, it is crucial to collaborate with partners who can effectively integrate into the corporate strategy and understand how to develop the various components needed to achieve strategic objectives. The choice of the application solution plays a crucial role, with particular attention to supply chain planning process coverage, solution modularity, and its ability to integrate into the existing landscape.

    These will be the central themes of the presentation by Giorgio Punzo, Partner & Business Developer of AKC, and Roberto Ghilarducci, Support Sales Manager of CCH® Tagetik – Wolters Kluwer.

    About Logistics Forum 2023

    The Richmond Logistics Forum, hosted at the prestigious Rimini Grand Hotel, is an event of extraordinary importance for the Italian logistics sector. Created on the direct initiative of Logistics and Supply Chain Directors of the country’s leading companies, this forum is a unique opportunity for discussion and growth.

    The event is designed to bring together logistics operators and solution providers, giving them the opportunity to refine existing dynamics and develop new approaches. The Logistics Forum, primarily dedicated to delegates, offers the opportunity to interact and share experiences with colleagues in similar roles in other companies, as well as the opportunity to examine proposals from highly qualified logistics providers.

    The topic of logistics is continuously growing, and the Richmond Logistics Forum testifies to this expanding interest, with an increasing participation rate year by year.


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