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    AKC’s international expansion begins with new offices in Sweden

    With new spaces in the heart of Stockholm, AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting has laid the foundations for its international development aimed at further consolidating its relationships with partners and customers in the Nordic area.

    AKC, an application and management consulting company, which for years has been supporting large customers through the implementation of strategic-technological projects, crosses national borders by inaugurating its new office in Sweden. By sending highly specialized resources to the Nordic countries, who will support implementations of the CCH® Tagetik platform, the company has officially launched its international development with the aim of consolidating its presence in the local market and seize new business opportunities. A process intended to grow further over the next few months and years with the company landing in other European countries and beyond. An important step that AKC has decided to take precisely in conjunction with the post-pandemic restart of most countries, confirming its expertise gained in over 15 years of experience in consulting and technology.

    Even the choice of Stockholm as the base of the Nordic region is not accidental: the Swedish capital is in fact the ideal place to cultivate and develop relationships with partners, customers and prospects of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark given its geographical position located right in the heart of the Nordic countries, thus allowing greater coverage and greater contact with local realities. The opening of the new office will further strengthen the existing partnership with Wolters Kluwer for its CCH® Tagetik expert solution, one of the world’s leaders in software for the Office of Finance, of which AKC was named “Best Competence Center” in 2020.

    Michele Barsanti, Partner and Business Developer responsible for the international development of AKC commented: “The opening of the new spaces in Stockholm represents the first milestone of AKC’s international expansion. We are excited and proud to be able to take up this new challenge beyond national borders as it fully represents AKC’s intention to operate in this area in the long term, to make relationships with customers and partners in the Nordic area even stronger also with the aim of developing new ones. Further expansion into other European countries is already planned for the very near future, which will be followed by great news in 2023 “.

    “Indeed it warms my heart when a company like AKC decides to expand into the Nordic region.” – Has added Jonas Qvarfordt, CCH® Tagetik Nordic General Manager at Wolters Kluwer – “This is yet another strong proof that the value that the CCH® Tagetik platform delivers is recognized by more and more customers. In turn, driving an increasing demand for implementation capability. AKC supported a number of successful projects in the past and we look forward to working with their permanently located consultants in our part of the world. Over the last years we have seen a rapid expansion of the CCH® Tagetik partner ecosystem in the Nordic region and with the addition of AKC there are nearly 15 partners working in the Nordics now. We look forward to many more successful engagements creating customer success together over the years to come. Welcome!!”


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