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    Supply Chain Planning Roadshow: Milano hosts AKC and CCH® Tagetik’s event

    Milano is gearing up to host the inaugural leg of the Supply Chain Planning Roadshow, organized by AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting and CCH® Tagetik Expert Solution of Wolters Kluwer, taking place on June 20th at the Nuovo Quark Hotel.

    The objective is to bring together a select group of industry experts and professionals to discuss challenges, opportunities, and winning strategies in Supply Chain planning and management. Special attention will also be given to new technologies capable of planning the product lifecycle across the supply chain and optimizing processes such as Sales Forecast, Demand Planning, Production Planning, Capacity Planning, and Procurement.

    The Supply Chain Planning Roadshow kicks off in Milan: marking the first leg of the event

    Effective management of the Supply Chain in a global and highly interconnected context requires advanced solutions and integrated end-to-end processes. The Supply Chain Planning Roadshow provides an opportunity for industry experts to delve into these topics and discover cutting-edge practical solutions. During the panel discussions, guests can engage in exchanging best practices, sharing their know-how, and discussing planning strategies, spanning from integrated planning processes to approaches and supporting technologies.

    Among these solutions is the one developed by CCH® Tagetik, which offers an integrated and comprehensive approach to Supply Chain planning, enabling companies to optimize every phase of the process. CCH® Tagetik’s end-to-end solutions provide a complete and transparent visualization of all aspects of the Supply Chain, from demand planning to supplier management and logistics. This integrated approach allows for timely identification and addressing of challenges, informed decision-making, and overall efficiency and agility improvement in the Supply Chain process.

    In the fast-paced and interconnected reality in which we operate, supply chain planning proves crucial for ensuring business success. In our Roadshow, we will focus on the art of anticipation, adaptation, and innovation to create an agile and resilient supply chain. Through insights, case studies, and interactive debates, we will explore how new technologies, particularly the CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning solution, are redefining the landscape of supply chain management,” commented Giorgio Punzo, Business Developer & Partner of AKC. 

    Supply Chain Planning Roadshow: Agenda

    The first stop of the Supply Chain Planning Roadshow, involving a limited and select number of participants, will offer a comprehensive and engaging agenda. Throughout the day, key topics related to Supply Chain planning and management will be addressed, creating an opportunity for knowledge sharing and in-depth exploration of best practices.

    Here are the main points of the day:

    • 10:00 – Welcome Coffee
      Start the day with a moment of reception and networking among participants.
    • 10:30 – Panel Discussion
      A session of discussion and debate among participants on crucial cross-industry planning topics in the supply chain. Areas such as sales, demand, inventory, and production/purchasing will be explored, with a focus on integrating different business functions to create end-to-end processes and integrated practical solutions. During this session, a Supply Chain planning application solution within the CCH® Tagetik platform will be presented.
    • 12:30 – Aperitif, Cooking Experience, and Lunch
      A time for relaxation and conviviality, where Chef Moreno Ungaretti will guide participants in preparing exceptional dishes. It will be an opportunity to enjoy the culinary delights created during the cooking experience and share a friendly lunch.

    Photos taken during the Milan leg


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