AMS: How AKC is redefining Application Maintenance Services

    AMS (Application Maintenance Services) represents a fundamental pillar for ensuring the success of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions within companies. Despite its crucial importance, AMS is often underestimated and considered merely as an appendix to the project without strategic significance. This perception fails to consider the numerous advantages that AM services offer, which go beyond simple on-demand technical support.

    In fact, AMS should be conceived not just as a reactive firefighting activity, but as a proactive service aimed at not only providing support in case of malfunctions but also maintaining optimal software performance and adapting the implemented business model to the constantly evolving market needs. The implemented model should not be regarded as a static element but rather a dynamic one, in line with the ever-changing market conditions. That’s why AKC considers and views AMS as an integral part of the project lifecycle, giving AM the same importance as other phases, such as design or build. As a result, AKC approaches and offers the service in a completely innovative way, with the aim of adapting to this different philosophy.

    AMS: AKC’s Perspective Shift

    Software implementation projects generally follow a conventional path from the design phase to going live. However, the importance of post go-live activities, such as monitoring application functionality and performance, regular and extraordinary maintenance of the implemented model, and potential software updates, is often underestimated. This lack of attention can negatively impact software performance and usability, and maintenance is only acknowledged when bugs or technical issues arise.

    AKC has revolutionized this approach by considering the AM phase on par with others and providing dedicated services to regularly monitor software performance, maintain proactive communication with clients, and support natural business evolution. Periodic Service Assurance Levels (SAL) organized with clients allow for assessing the project’s progress and implementing corrective actions to ensure optimal implementation conditions. This innovative perspective is crucial as it enables the anticipation of issues and proper planning, including important software updates that, if not addressed correctly, can lead to system disruptions.

    It is increasingly common for clients, recognizing the crucial importance of application maintenance, to include maintenance services in their evaluation alongside implementation services. The growing awareness of AMS emphasizes the need to view it not merely as an additional component but as an essential element for ensuring the success and sustainability of Corporate Performance Management initiatives and maximizing their implementations.

    It is not uncommon for even well-implemented solutions to be questioned after a few years due to their inadequate alignment with new business needs or their inability to deliver the performance expected in earlier stages. Only an AM service with proactive characteristics can ensure proper software functionality and adaptation to evolving market conditions while aiming to minimize the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the investment.

    Choosing the Right Consulting Partner

    To achieve efficient and business-aligned results, it is crucial for companies to collaborate with capable partners who can provide adequate AMS services instead of reactive and ad hoc approaches. Application Maintenance Services (AMS) should be regarded as a highly valuable element, not just a necessary evil addressed through consumption-based contracts focused solely on resolving daily operational bugs. When selecting a partner, it is essential to choose a company that recognizes and values this service, rather than treating it as an add-on without dedicated internal support.

    By selecting a structured and reliable partner with a competent Support team capable of providing well-planned and governed services, additional benefits can be obtained, including:

    • Customizable contracts tailored to specific needs and required services.
    • Structured and well-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensuring quality and timely AMS activities.
    • Operational coverage 24/7, 365 days a year, guaranteeing continuous and immediate support.
    • Ability to provide services in multiple languages to meet the needs of multinational companies.
    • Effective and timely ticketing system for request and problem management.

    This will lead to significant reductions in the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the implementation, ensuring stability and the ability to adapt its configuration to business evolutions over the years, while keeping the user base properly trained and informed about any new functionalities released by the software vendor.

    With a trusted and professional partner, it will be possible to address future challenges and ensure long-term success in Corporate Performance Management initiatives.


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