To combine business and pleasure in a unique way
Villa Doria House Lab
Doria House Lab
Doria House Lab
Knowledge, experience, strategy, collaboration and creativity: this is our unique way of combining BUSINESS with PLEASURE
A project through which we want our customers to meet up with the experts in the field of industry, processes, development and technology. The same experts that work in our company to create new and innovative ideas about how it is possible , together, to face the increasingly complex objectives facing the "Administration, Finance and Control" area.
Doria House Lab is a historic villa on the hills of Lucca, beautifully restored to its original state. It’s the ideal setting to do some collaborative 'brainstorming' with our customers.
Doria House Lab is an innovative lab dedicated to the 'Performance Management' market. We work together with our customers to fully understand the current challenges of the 'Administration, Finance and Control' area and develop a common strategy to deal with them in the best way.
Doria House Lab is our unique way of doing business: it thrives on the historical heritage of our territory, our culture and passion for what we do and by doing so we try to enhance 'human contact' in our relationship with our customers.

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