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Our Application Consulting

AKC has always implemented solutions to support top management through the use of CCH Tagetik software and various Akeron products.

The ongoing contact with business people allows us to design application solutions for companies of different sectors and with reference to the different processes that characterize everyday business operations.

Precisely for this reason we are able not only to manage the operational phases of implementation but also those of application design and project management more generally, with the help of about 40 consultants who work every day alongside the companies that have chosen us.

The recent ISO9001 certification is a guarantee of the quality of our work.

Our track record and the continuous growth of our team are the litmus test of the uniqueness of our company both in Italy and abroad.

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Our consulting on Tagetik

Every kind of company of any size and sector choose our Performance Management CCH Tagetik software. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the Tagetik suite, which has 10 years of experience as a System Integrator and a various amounts of projects to its name, works every day in close contact with our clients to comply to the different kinds of requests from businesses with a low Total Cost of Ownership solutions that are looking for greater benefits for the final user.

Our consulting on Akeron products Akeron

AKC, sister of Akeron Software, the company that develops vertical products to support specific themes, intends to bring to market an innovative consulting approach aimed at creating a solid value in the joint implementation of CCH Tagetik and Akeron products or Akeron stand-alone products.

Over the years, a core competency in the issue of variable compensation has led to the development of Akeron TP and Akeron IC, while many experiences on issues of contract management have materialized in the development of the products of Akeron RE, Akeron CM and Akeron PM.

Akeron's Software

Throughout the years a great understanding of the issue of Variabile compensation has matured and developed itself into Akeron TP and Akeron IC

Akeron Incentive compensation

The Software that manages and controls MBO. Akeron IC has been designed to help companies that follow a rewards system strategy in solving the various issues that may come up once objectives have been reached and therefore manage and control the complexity of the situation.

Akeron Trade Promotion

The software to manage and control trade promotion contracts. Akeron TP is the software that manages and controls sales/purchase contracts with focus on “off-invoice” discounts and premiums.
Over the years a deep understanding of Contract management has led to the development of Akeron RE,Akeron CM and Akeron PM

Akeron Real Estate

Solution to manage real estate and the leasing contracts. Akeron RE is the software that allows you to manage real estate and integrate all of its management activities of costs and revenues.

Akeron Contract Management

The Software to manage the contracts. Akeron Cm is a software that allows the management of contracts for the supply of non-structural goods and services, but which support the business.

Akeron Player Manager

The Software to manage the contract of athletes. Akeron PM is the software for all Sport Companies that want to have total economic & financial control over the handling of athletes & technical staff.

Our areas of Competence

AKC, thanks to its multi-decade experience in the world of EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) and the integration between CCH Tagetik and Akeron products, it is able to cover any specific need that may arise in the area of application solutions.

The continuous contact with the business world and the on-going request for solutions in specific areas has led AKC to devise cross-market consulting solutions aimed at speeding up the process of improving the efficiency of certain business processes.

Integrated Production Planning

The process of revising the sales forecast from which a production demand forecast arises after the actual programming of the same at finite capacity.

Sales & Operation Planning

This represents the combination of the two processes described previously. From an academic point of view S&OP describes the integrated process of planning that goes from Sales to Supply Chain and production

Profittability Analysis

A process that reconciles the analysis of the margin from a balance point of view with regard to the managed details in the sales area (clients/products): this refers often to Product or Customer Profitability

Integrated Financial Planning

This refers to an integrated process that generally operates at a monthly level and combines one model the planning and control activities both in the financial area and in the operative one.

Demand Planning

This Starter Kit gives support in the planning process and the programming of sales and production by using in an integrated way the CCH Tagetik platform and the Akeron Supply Chain product. This kit is perfect for companies in the CPG sector with mass production processes.

Hr Planning

This starter kit supports the planning and control process of the entire Human Resource area by using the CCH Tagetik platform and the Akeron Incentive Compensation product integrately. It is aimed at all companies, and in particular those where the variable part of the compensation is relevant.


This starter kit supports the process of evaluating the contractual items subject to the IFRS16 standard, using the CHH Tagetik platform and the Akeron Real Estate product in an integrated manner. It is aimed at all companies that have contract management for which IFRS 16 has relevance.

Closing Fastpath

This starter kit supports the radical revision of the closing process making it more efficient and incisive in relation with the objectives of the financial function. It identifies the “weak” areas of the process and defines new structural design process to support the CCH Tagetik platform.

Our consultants

The consultants of AKC are able to combine organizational competence and technological expertise in order to achieve successful projects with reduced time and costs compared to all other consulting companies. The people who coordinate and manage the projects have an average seniority of more than 10 years: thanks to this, the relationships with our customers, by virtue of the mutual trust that is born and matures over time, tend to turn into partnership relationships with benefits continuing along the value creation chain. Our group of over 40 consultants and the low turnover are the testimony of the ecosystem in which, internally and with customers, we are used to working with. An ecosystem where people and their professional and relational growth are at the centre of our attention.

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Samuele Bachini Solutions management Director
Giulio Barsanti Solutions management Director

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