A success story that is renewed
Innovative consulting firm

The origin of AKC dates back to 1987 when Ing. Pierluigi Pierallini gave birth to two companies that developed for 30 years under his leadership as Tagetik and Akeron, parallelly but independently, by orienting Tagetik in developing software solutions for the CPM and Akeron industries in departmental solutions and providing their own highly specialized Tagetik platform activation services specialized in some vertical processes, but especially in some sectors, in particular CPG and Retail.

In 2017, Tagetik was sold to Wolters Kluwer and this made it necessary to create Akeron’s Spin Off of the CCH Tagetik platform related services by implementing AKC, which was purchased equally by Akeron’s historical partners, Luigi Stefanini and Andrea Petretti. Akeron is still led by the founder Ing. Pierallini and continues to develop the part of departmental systems as in the past.

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