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OVS S.p.A. is the leading group in Italy in the clothing market through the creation, production and marketing of clothing for women, men and children through the brands OVS and UPIM.

The OVS brand was born within the Coin Group in 1972 and with a progressive expansion of its network has been able to develop over time a bond of trust with customers reaching a brand awareness in the Italian market of 97% in 2013.

OVS S. p. A. also owns the UPIM brand, which is positioned in the value segment of the market for women, men’s and children’s clothing products in Italy and is mainly aimed at the family.

In 2015, OVS chooses Akeron Tp for the management of off-invoice premium contracts, the consequent calculation of the premiums recognized by suppliers and the accounting management by issuing invoices or receiving credit notes. The system is use not only for the calculation of premiums for women, men’s and children’s clothing but also for those of the perfumery department. Akeron Tp interfaces with SAP for the issue and recording of accounting documents and for the recording of year-end accruals.


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