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Zuegg is a multinational company specializing in the processing of fruit. The production is developed on two areas: business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B). For B2C it produces jams, fruit juices, syrups and fruit snacks under the brands Zuegg and Skipper Zuegg for 97 product types. For the B2B it is specialized in the production of semi-finished fruit products (ingredients for yoghurt, ice cream and snacks) for other food industries.

In 2014, with the need to find a multilingual product for the complete management of off-invoice in Italy, Germany, Austria and Russia, Zuegg chose Akeron Tp Web as a tool for calculating premiums and contributions. The solution involves the connection with the SAP ERP both inbound and outbound, actually producing the data necessary for not only the recording of documents but also those intended for a careful control of profitability of the customer and product.


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The consultants of AKC are able to combine organizational competence and technological expertise in order to achieve successful projects with reduced time and costs compared to all other consulting companies. The people who coordinate and manage the projects have an average seniority of more than 10 years: thanks to this, the relationships with our customers, by virtue of the mutual trust that is born and matures over time, tend to turn into partnership relationships with benefits continuing along the value creation chain. Our group of over 40 consultants and the low turnover are the testimony of the ecosystem in which, internally and with customers, we are used to working with. An ecosystem where people and their professional and relational growth are at the centre of our attention.

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