Kick Off 2023: AKC ready to conquer new destinations with its Take Off

    Take Off was the theme that guided AKC’s Kick Off 2023. The event, which involved all the company’s employees, took place on January 27th and 28th at the Terme di Saturnia Natural SPA & Golf Resort.

    The two days aimed to share the achievements of 2022 and define the strategy to pursue in the new year. The definition of a precise route will be the backbone that will guide the company in the coming years. With the strong results achieved so far, including the start of the internationalization process, AKC finally has all the capabilities to fly high and achieve ambitious goals.

    Day 1: 2022 Result & Surf on Survey

    Day 1 of Kick Off 2023 was kicked off by Andrea Petretti, Co-CEO of the company:

    “A group that travels united and shares the goal can achieve the impossible. Today, we celebrate the AKC team and the fantastic results achieved.”

    The opening of the event was dedicated to the analysis and celebration of AKC’s results, thanks to its team, in 2022. Significant figures that continue to mark a constant growth of the company.

    In addition to sharing Financial Highlights, significant attention was also given to the human resources area, with figures regarding the acquisition of new talents by AKC in 2022 and the company’s Career Framework.

    Taking the floor in the second part of Day 1 of Kick Off, Simone Bertelli, Head of Consulting Services, said:

    “We will continue to grow, looking up, aware that we have all the capabilities to do so.”

    This section included moments of team building and discussion to create new possible strategies to further improve AKC’s service to its customers.

    The day ended with some relaxing moments in the spaces of the Terme di Saturnia Natural Spa & Golf Resort, followed by the lounge bar and restaurant of the facility. We laughed, had fun, and created unforgettable memories.

    Day 2: Team Building & 2023 Strategy

    The second day of the Kick Off began with Giuseppe Meli, Business Coach and Trainer. During his speech, he focused on extremely important topics that inevitably impact professional performance every day, such as our beliefs, confidence (especially in ourselves), and responsibilities.

    In the last part of the morning, the focus shifted to the goals to be achieved in the new year and the strategic actions to be pursued, “defining what will be AKC’s route in the coming years,” explained Luigi Stefanini, CEO of AKC.

    During this session, the following speakers took the floor:

    • Michele Barsanti, Business Developer, for international business development;
    • Samuele Bachini, Business Developer, for CPM and Italy strategy development;
    • Giorgio Punzo, Business Developer, for Supply Chain Planning business area;
    • Matilda Filolli, Marketing Director, who shared the marketing strategies.

    The year 2023 promises to be intense and full of great news for the company, launching important business projects that further confirm the company’s high expertise in consultancy and technology.

    Let’s fly high and enjoy the journey!

    CCH® Tagetik inTouch is calling: AKC is one of the Platinum Sponsors

    After two years of virtual events imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the CCH® Tagetik inTouch global user conference is back in attendance. The event will take place from 21 to 23 September 2022 in Lucca at the Real Collegio. Also in this edition AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting will be present, but this time as Platinum Sponsor, confirming its worldwide partnership. 

    As in previous editions, the global user conference will be an opportunity to meet customers, partners and product experts from all over the world and experience first-hand all the updates to the CCH® Tagetik platform and product innovations designed for the Finance area and beyond. In fact, CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning, a new solution that allows end-to-end planning of the Supply Chain, has recently been added to the Wolters Kluwer stable. AKC is the preferred partner chosen by CCH® Tagetik in 2022 to implement the software in Italy.

    CCH® Tagetik inTouch: AKC is one of the platinum sponsors

    The agenda for the CCH® Tagetik inTouch global user conference is full of events and meetings, and this year AKC will also be one of the event’s Platinum Sponsors. This is a new milestone that adds to the list of those achieved in previous years, confirming a solid and profitable partnership between the two companies, matured over more than 15 years of experience in the sector and which is increasingly broadening its horizons, also crossing national borders, so much so that it is now recognised worldwide. 

    In fact, AKC recently started a process of internationalisation, with the opening of new offices in Sweden, aimed at further consolidating its relationships with partners and customers. By sending highly specialised resources to the Nordic countries to support implementations of the CCH® Tagetik platform, the company intends to strengthen its presence within the local market and develop new business opportunities.

    The presence of AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting at the CCH® Tagetik inTouch global user conference will also give the opportunity to discover in detail the functionalities and features of the solutions proposed by Tagetik, providing innovative ideas especially for the CPG and Retail markets, through four specific product demos, which can be viewed at the AKC booth, just by reserving your seat:


    During the three days dedicated to the world of Finance there will be six in-depth tracks that will allow guests to select the plenaries that best suit their role and the needs of the various businesses. Giorgio Punzo, Partner and Business Developer of AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting, will give a speech on Supply Chain Planning, within the “Integrated Business Planning” section, focusing on:

    • the technological and process integration between Financial Planning and Supply Chain Planning;
    • Extended Planning in an End-to-End process, from Customer to Supplier;
    • how to accelerate Re-Forecasting with the support of CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning. 

    “Be responsive to change”

    Over the past few years, the instability of the markets has become even more marked, but above all the need to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to the changes that companies face every day. It is precisely from these assumptions that AKC’s “Be responsive to change” campaign was born, with the aim of highlighting the importance of smart integration between Finance and Operations tools and processes. 

    It is now becoming increasingly clear that the real competitive advantage at market level, in the near future, will be dictated by a true Integrated Business Planning, which can only be achieved through tools capable of guaranteeing active communication between Finance and Operations flows, so as to be able to cope with unforeseen events that could affect the stability of the business. 

    Our participation in the CCH® Tagetik inTouch global user conference fills us with pride. Through this event we have the opportunity to communicate to our customers and the business world the extension of our offer in the planning area: the Supply Chain. – said Giorgio Punzo – Thanks to the update and extension of the technological offer of our main partner Wolters Kluwer | CCH® Tagetik, it is now possible to effectively integrate the world of Finance with the world of Operations with CCH Tagetik-SCP, for which we are now the only system integrator in Italy”.


    AKC’s international expansion begins with new offices in Sweden

    With new spaces in the heart of Stockholm, AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting has laid the foundations for its international development aimed at further consolidating its relationships with partners and customers in the Nordic area.

    AKC, an application and management consulting company, which for years has been supporting large customers through the implementation of strategic-technological projects, crosses national borders by inaugurating its new office in Sweden. By sending highly specialized resources to the Nordic countries, who will support implementations of the CCH® Tagetik platform, the company has officially launched its international development with the aim of consolidating its presence in the local market and seize new business opportunities. A process intended to grow further over the next few months and years with the company landing in other European countries and beyond. An important step that AKC has decided to take precisely in conjunction with the post-pandemic restart of most countries, confirming its expertise gained in over 15 years of experience in consulting and technology.

    Even the choice of Stockholm as the base of the Nordic region is not accidental: the Swedish capital is in fact the ideal place to cultivate and develop relationships with partners, customers and prospects of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark given its geographical position located right in the heart of the Nordic countries, thus allowing greater coverage and greater contact with local realities. The opening of the new office will further strengthen the existing partnership with Wolters Kluwer for its CCH® Tagetik expert solution, one of the world’s leaders in software for the Office of Finance, of which AKC was named “Best Competence Center” in 2020.

    Michele Barsanti, Partner and Business Developer responsible for the international development of AKC commented: “The opening of the new spaces in Stockholm represents the first milestone of AKC’s international expansion. We are excited and proud to be able to take up this new challenge beyond national borders as it fully represents AKC’s intention to operate in this area in the long term, to make relationships with customers and partners in the Nordic area even stronger also with the aim of developing new ones. Further expansion into other European countries is already planned for the very near future, which will be followed by great news in 2023 “.

    “Indeed it warms my heart when a company like AKC decides to expand into the Nordic region.” – Has added Jonas Qvarfordt, CCH® Tagetik Nordic General Manager at Wolters Kluwer – “This is yet another strong proof that the value that the CCH® Tagetik platform delivers is recognized by more and more customers. In turn, driving an increasing demand for implementation capability. AKC supported a number of successful projects in the past and we look forward to working with their permanently located consultants in our part of the world. Over the last years we have seen a rapid expansion of the CCH® Tagetik partner ecosystem in the Nordic region and with the addition of AKC there are nearly 15 partners working in the Nordics now. We look forward to many more successful engagements creating customer success together over the years to come. Welcome!!”

    Today is launch day

    2021 was definitely a revolutionary year for AKC (and I’m not talking about Covid!). 

    Within the marketing plan was an activity that, on the one hand, I was looking forward to kicking off, but on the other hand (perhaps a little bit of prior experience) I was looking at it with an air of defiance. I had the feeling it wanted to throw a monkey wrench in my works.

    In fact, thinking about it now, it is an activity that – to use the PM’s jargon – requires the allocation of many resources and at the same time many hours of work.  

    We at AKC, however, are united by a feeling of positivity that characterizes us, so when the time came and rolled up our sleeves, we set to work with great enthusiasm.


    New website? We can no longer escape!

    Yes. The activity that, from March to today, would have required 6 months of work, was the design and creation of the new website to better represent the evolution of the company. 

    What evolution, you may ask? 

    Let’s start from the beginning. In early 2021 our company name changed. From Akeron Consulting we became AKC, the acronym for “Advanced Knowledge Consulting“, from which the new pay off was also born: Crossing Knowledge, Performing Evolution

    Within the name and the payoff, as you may have already guessed, two concepts dominate: Knowledge and Evolution

    These represent two columns through which, during the ReBranding phase, we decided to communicate our core business: consulting services provided by people, or rather, provided thanks to the knowledge and experience of the resources that make up AKC.

    Hand in hand with the ReBranding activity, we finally felt the need to convey a new image: fresher, more relevant, more tailored to us. 

    We could no longer escape from the creation of the new website, in pendant with everything else!


    From concept to Evolution 

    Without realizing it, we were getting throught colors, fonts, graphics, layouts, and textual content. 

    The project was beginning to take shape.

    Our goal was to convey the user, who would navigate the site, the skills and experience that characterizes AKC consultants who assist clients every day. 

    From this need was born the idea to structure the site and especially to design the textual content. 

    We decided that the main menu should highlight the core services that make up our offering, the sectors in which we have been operating for years, our technological partners, which in a certain sense allow us to communicate the technical skills we possess and the events, digital experiences through which we have the mission to communicate our skills in various areas.

    From the hamburger menu, however, it is possible to access other sections of the site. I remember, for example, the page “About us”, the blog that is updated biweekly, customers, career paths and, last but not least, a page exclusively dedicated to people

    Through it you can get to know all the resources that make up the AKC family. Users will be able to see with their eyes the consultants who work on individual projects every day.

    Finally, you will notice many statues, the iconographic element through which we have depicted the concept of “Knowledge“, bringing it back to our reality characterized by a constant “Evolution“, both because our competences are constantly evolving, and because in AKC we never get tired of testing something new continuously.


    Are you curious now?

    At this point I would not like to add anything else. We would be very pleased if you could see the new website with your own eyes. 

    I wish you “good navigation”!