Air Base: renovation works begin on the new AKC headquarters

    Modern, efficient, and designed for people: that’s the new office that AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting will move into starting in 2024. The Terigi brothers, owners of the ex Rud Arredamenti, have recently started the renovation works on the building located on the outskirts of the city.

    Thanks to the ongoing redevelopment work, the long-abandoned structure will soon acquire a new life and a new intended use, becoming the new Air Base of AKC. The news was already announced in advance to the company’s employees during the last Kick Off 2023, but now it’s official.

    “We are proud and excited to be able to collaborate as partners with the Terigi brothers,” explained Andrea Petretti, co-CEO of AKC, “participating firsthand in the redevelopment of this area on the outskirts of the city and becoming the beating heart of a building that has all the credentials to become one of the new symbols of Lucca, thanks to the masterful work of the designer architect Simone Micheli and the engineer Paolo Scatena.”

    The move to the new office is just one stage of the ongoing development process of AKC, a company that, in addition to consolidating its position in the Italian market, also aims to expand its presence internationally, with particular attention to European and North American regions. Despite its ambitions for global growth, AKC has decided to maintain strong ties with the city of Lucca, where both the company itself and its main technology partner, Wolters Kluwer | CCH® Tagetik, were born. Among AKC’s objectives is to continue investing in its roots and to maintain a strong presence in the area.

    Air Base: what AKC’s new offices will be like

    One of the challenges that AKC has decided to tackle consistently, day after day, is to make ordinary what is often considered extraordinary, such as employee welfare and well-being. These two factors are inevitably influenced by the physical environment as well. That’s why there is a desire to move to a new location that can meet all work needs, both individually and as a team, while also offering a sociable environment for relaxing and sharing moments together.

    “The move to a new location has been a strongly desired project by the entire AKC Board. Starting next year, the company and its employees will have a new space to work, live, and achieve increasingly ambitious goals while continuing to collaborate side by side. The new Air Base represents another piece of the AKC expansion puzzle, which, after consolidating in the Italian market, has now initiated a process of internationalization,” concluded Luigi Stefanini, CEO of the company.

    The building, which will cover an area of 1,200 square meters on two floors, can accommodate up to 110 people. Inside, there will be over 15 offices designed to offer a comfortable and functional space for employees, as well as 10 meeting rooms ideal for meeting clients from all over Italy and beyond. There will also be several common areas designed to encourage socialization and sharing among colleagues, promoting a climate of collaboration and well-being in the workplace and contributing to creating a serene and productive work environment for everyone.

    Kick Off 2023: AKC ready to conquer new destinations with its Take Off

    Take Off was the theme that guided AKC’s Kick Off 2023. The event, which involved all the company’s employees, took place on January 27th and 28th at the Terme di Saturnia Natural SPA & Golf Resort.

    The two days aimed to share the achievements of 2022 and define the strategy to pursue in the new year. The definition of a precise route will be the backbone that will guide the company in the coming years. With the strong results achieved so far, including the start of the internationalization process, AKC finally has all the capabilities to fly high and achieve ambitious goals.

    Day 1: 2022 Result & Surf on Survey

    Day 1 of Kick Off 2023 was kicked off by Andrea Petretti, Co-CEO of the company:

    “A group that travels united and shares the goal can achieve the impossible. Today, we celebrate the AKC team and the fantastic results achieved.”

    The opening of the event was dedicated to the analysis and celebration of AKC’s results, thanks to its team, in 2022. Significant figures that continue to mark a constant growth of the company.

    In addition to sharing Financial Highlights, significant attention was also given to the human resources area, with figures regarding the acquisition of new talents by AKC in 2022 and the company’s Career Framework.

    Taking the floor in the second part of Day 1 of Kick Off, Simone Bertelli, Head of Consulting Services, said:

    “We will continue to grow, looking up, aware that we have all the capabilities to do so.”

    This section included moments of team building and discussion to create new possible strategies to further improve AKC’s service to its customers.

    The day ended with some relaxing moments in the spaces of the Terme di Saturnia Natural Spa & Golf Resort, followed by the lounge bar and restaurant of the facility. We laughed, had fun, and created unforgettable memories.

    Day 2: Team Building & 2023 Strategy

    The second day of the Kick Off began with Giuseppe Meli, Business Coach and Trainer. During his speech, he focused on extremely important topics that inevitably impact professional performance every day, such as our beliefs, confidence (especially in ourselves), and responsibilities.

    In the last part of the morning, the focus shifted to the goals to be achieved in the new year and the strategic actions to be pursued, “defining what will be AKC’s route in the coming years,” explained Luigi Stefanini, CEO of AKC.

    During this session, the following speakers took the floor:

    • Michele Barsanti, Business Developer, for international business development;
    • Samuele Bachini, Business Developer, for CPM and Italy strategy development;
    • Giorgio Punzo, Business Developer, for Supply Chain Planning business area;
    • Matilda Filolli, Marketing Director, who shared the marketing strategies.

    The year 2023 promises to be intense and full of great news for the company, launching important business projects that further confirm the company’s high expertise in consultancy and technology.

    Let’s fly high and enjoy the journey!

    Forum Retail 2022: AKC among the Key Sponsors of the Main Conference

    The twenty-second edition of Forum Retail’s Main Conference, the most anticipated event in the retail sector, will kick off on October 25th. A day dedicated entirely to leaders and experts in the areas of GDO, GDS (global distribution system), Luxury, Fashion & Accessories, Pharma & Healthcare, and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) that will take place at Milan | Mi.Co., finally back in person.

    AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting will be present at the event as a key sponsor of the Main Conference and will see the participation of Giorgio Punzo, Partner and Business Developer at AKC, who will hold a Business Table in which the themes of Integrated Business Planning will be discussed.

    AKC at Forum Retail 2022 on Supply Chain topics

    More than 3,000 professionals are expected to attend Forum Retail, the most complete and up-to-date event for the Retail world in Italy, where the industry’s top experts will tackle the hottest topics of the moment. Among them, Giorgio Punzo, Partner and Business Developer at AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting, will preside over the Business Table “Integrated Planning: from Financial Planning to Operations Planning“, a deep dive aimed at Supply Chain actors in Sales & Demand, Production & Procurement Inventory & Delivery.

    It will be an opportunity to deepen and discover how to address and eliminate the disruptions and bottlenecks that are affecting the entire distribution chain, especially since the beginning of the pandemic, through a new planning software: CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning. The platform was recently expanded by Wolters Kluwer to design end-to-end real-time Supply Chain planning, integrating demand and supply within Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning. During the Business Table, Giorgio Punzo will explain in detail how to apply configurable and easy-to-use workflows with the aim of creating company-level Supply Chain planning.

    The importance of Integrated Business Planning in the Retail sector

    More than ever, integrated Supply Chain planning has become one of the fundamental elements for any business, especially for those operating in the Retail sector. In recent years, due to the pandemic, international crises, and shortages of raw materials, the weaknesses of this complex and delicate network have become even more evident; hence the need to develop strategies through cutting-edge tools to deal with the uncertainties and exceptionalities typical of today’s times.

    The success of a business, therefore, depends on the flexibility and reactivity of its organizational capacity, along the entire distribution chain. Anticipating possible threats to the Supply Chain and planning actions to eliminate them or at least limit them becomes the only element capable of making a difference. Equipping oneself with software that can ensure active communication between Finance and Operations flows, able to remedy unforeseen events that could arise, affecting the stability of the business, must therefore be the priority of every company.