A strong and solid integrated value in terms of organization and management

AKC is a new company that puts together Akeron’s professional consulting expertise on projects related to the world of Corporate Performance Management with implementations of the CCH Tagetik suite. It was founded as the result of the sale of a business unit by Akeron in 2017 and continues its consultancy process, supporting its clients in the development of Performance Management projects.

AKC, as reseller of Akeron and CCH Tagetik, has the mission to bring to the market innovative processes proposed by the two Partners, in order to create a strong and solid integrated value in organizational terms.

Our history

State-of-the-art consulting company

The roots of AKC go back to 1987 when Ing. Pierluigi Pierallini founded two companies that for the past 30 years have developed under his direction as Tagetik and Akeron, in parallel but also independently, orienting Tagetik to the development of software solutions for the CPM and Akeron sector to develop their own departmental solutions and to provide highly specialized services for the activation of the Tagetik platform, specializing in certain vertical processes, but above all on certain markets and in particular CPG and Retail. In 2017 Tagetik was sold to Wolters Kluwer and this made it necessary to create a Spin Off of Akeron of the part linked to services on the CCH Tagetik platform realizing AKC that was acquired in an equal way by the historical partners of Akeron Luigi Stefanini and Andrea Petretti. Akeron is still led by the founder Ing. Pierallini and continues to develop the part of the departmental systems in continuity with the past.

Our mission

Organizational and technological competence

Combining organizational competence with technological expertise with passion and tenacity to develop for our customers successful projects with quality, time and costs different from all our competitors, transforming the relationship with customers in a partnership able to develop over time, building internally an ecosystem that sees people, their professional and relational growth at the center of all our attention.
Quality Policy

Ongoing improvement

AKC deemed it necessary to adopt a quality management system with the aim of defining and monitoring all company processes, projecting them to continuous improvement, and continuously and increasing the satisfaction of its customers and all stakeholders, taking into account relevant expectations and requirements.
Akeron Campus
Akeron Campus

Per combinare business e piacere in modo unico

Laboratori innovativi in location esclusive nel cuore della Toscana

Decree n. 231/01: Organization, management, and control model

The Board of Directors of Akeron Consulting issued and approved the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01. The requirements of the Model and the related Code of Ethics (see related documents) are to be considered applicable to all the people who work and collaborate with the aforementioned companies.
In order to ensure the correct application of the requirements of the Organization, Management and Control Model, a Supervisory Body has also been set up for each company, composed by Dr. Marco Basalisco, Chairman and Mr. Luca Rossi, Member.
The Supervisory Body will have the task and authority to carry out specific audits and controls aimed at ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Organization, Management and Control Model. In addition, the Supervisory Body may be contacted at any time at the following email address: organismodivigilanza@akeron.com, as provided for in the Model itself.

Code of Ethics

AKC has adopted the following Code of Ethics, which clearly defines the values ​​and ethical principles that the company intends to pursue and disseminate internally; the requirements of this document therefore serve as a guide and reference for all business activities. By adopting this Code of Ethics, AKC intends to communicate the principles and rules of conduct of the company and its subsidiaries to the outside world, which confirm and concretely express the general principle of legality, understood as compliance with all laws, regulations, provisions administrative and in general all the mandatory rules in force from time to time.

ISO9001 certificate

AKC received the ISO9001:2015 certificate for activities regarding  the “DESIGN AND SUPPLY OF APPLICATION CONSULTING SERVICES”.

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