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Via Nicola Farnesi 141
55100 Lucca


Tel. (+39) 0583 15284
Fax: +39 0583 1528463

DPO Headquarters

Dott.ssa Michela Turri
Via Fontana, 22 – 20122 Milano

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Finding work opportunities in AKC

AKC is the leading Italian company in its sector with a turnover rate close to zero, and proves to be a great attraction for young graduates or professionals with proven experience.

AKC’s ideal candidate needs to be a dynamic, flexible person, a team worker and most of all set on reaching goals. The ideas, the continuous learning, the sense of belonging and our work environments characterized by an informal and stimulating atmosphere, help direct individual and group action, facilitating communication and internal collaboration aimed at creating a strong corporate identity aimed at sharing strategies, challenges and future goals. Enthusiasm, ability to anticipate problems, flexibility and team building are the qualities, which we believe in, and which are the core of our company’s philosophy.

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