Online Event
    Financial planning:
    the experience of Bauli with CCH Tagetik
    8 June 2018

    The process of optimization of the net working capital and of the financial maneuver of a company must be able to count on modern tools that are able to move within the rigorous accounting logic and according to the needs of flexibility and speed that the market imposes, both in short-term financial planning and in the medium-long term one.

    CCH Tagetik satisfies these requests with its solution that, through the product demo, will allow you to appreciate the advantages of a possible integration with the area of ​​economic planning and consolidation, with a view to creating a unified planning process end -to-end aimed at ensuring an alignment between Finance and Operations.

    In particular, some of the benefits obtainable with CCH Tagetik will be analysed:

    • optimization of the working capital
    • optimization of the net financial position
    • analysis of the currency balance
    • optimization of the financial / treasury maneuver.

    During the event it will also be possible to listen to the direct experience of Bauli on the group financial planning project implemented by Akeron Consulting, which foresees different planning moments and the final consolidation of the forecasts.

    In the final Q&A it will be possible to have a direct discussion with the Bauli CFO to share the experience.