The idea of "HouseLab"

    The project was introduced by our Chief Engineer Mr. Pierallini (the founder of AKC) who decided to use his Villa located in a prestigious and exclusive location as the core of the project.
    Here up on the hills of Lucca the company and its clients have the chance to bring to life projects by using this alternative location to organise One-to-One encounters and round-table discussions, develop new business strategies, and for presenting Case studies We felt the need to create a communicative learning environment with a unique, friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

    Villa Bassotta

    At present, Villa Bassotta is used as the AKC laboratory where clients and departmental, development and technology experts from our company meet up.

    This approach allows us to make use of our twenty years of experience that we have with the Tagetik platform and Akeron, so we are able to offer clients these options and to prospect an optimization of their organizational and IT architecture – a fundamental basis for the development of any company.

    House Lab Villa bassotta

    Some facts about Villa Bassotta

    Villa Bassotta is a historical Villa located on the hills surrounding Lucca. A great deal of attention was given to the details to be able to bring the villa back to its original state. It is the perfect setting to feel at home and collaborate with others.

    Villa Bassotta has changed face from residence to becoming a ground-breaking workshop where you can learn more about the new challenges emerging from the “Administration, Finance and Control” sector.

    Villa Bassotta offers open wide spaces for organizing training courses and brainstorming meetings, making you feel right at home.


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