Supply Chain

    «Unpredictable. This is probably the best adjective to define the consumer’s demand in the time of age we are living in»


    Giorgio Punzo

    AKC Business Developer

    To face the uncertainties of the market it is necessary to define processes and equip ourselves with tools capable of simplifying the complexity of management and be quick in responding to changes. Only in this way will it be possible to adapt the Supply Chain planning to variations of the demand and continue to create value for companies.

    Supply Chain planning and consulting:

    In an increasingly complex and interconnected historical moment, flexibility and promptness in response no longer represent the factors for obtaining a competitive advantage, but rather the essential requirements for facing unpredictable market changes.

    Only by implementing an end-to-end planning system in the Supply Chain, your company will be able to cope with this instability of the markets and above all the constant variation in demand, perfecting the accuracy of forecasts with the use of AI technologies, which integrate at 360 ° the data generated along the entire supply chain.

    AKC is the consulting partner that supports you in the study and design of supply chain planning processes and in the implementation of custom-made solutions that are able to meet the needs of each specific business and/or market niche.

    To be impassive to change is impossible.

    Power lies in the hands of those that are masters in adaption.

    AKC, preferred partner of CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning in Italy, is a predictive intelligence AI tool which allows to optimize in real-time the operational efficiencies linked to the variation in demand by quickly adapting the distribution of products between warehouses, the production and supply chain.

    The strength of the tool lies in its ability to financially anticipate plans and instantly show the effect of any change relating to a customer, product or supplier.

    The goal of the implementation and use of the CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning solution is to be able to manage the Sales Forecast, Demand Planning, Inventory Planning, Production Planning and Purchase Planning processes with daily data monitoring leveraging on three key features:

    • Individual and integrated End-to-end,
    • AI technology,
    • Fast information updating.

    If you want to face the change, AKC provides you with the right support with a single goal: to have the best suitable and configuration tool to be able to manage the variations in demand by reshaping the more complex areas that make up the Supply Chain.


    • Design of the Sales and Demand Planning process
    • Analysis and choice made together with the client of the most suitable predictive and AI algorithms for describing the market phenomena
    • Design of the multi-inventory process
    • Analysis and choice made together with the client of the most suitable stock hedging algorithms for the client’s strategies
    • Design of the production and procurement planning process
    • Design of the S&OP process to integrate the various business functions efficiently

    “This preservation of favorable variations and the rejection of injurious variations, I call natural selection or the survival of the fittest”

    Charles Robert Darwin


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