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    Mid-Year Business Review 2023: unveiling all the AKC news

    The traditional Mid-Year Business Review of AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting took place on July 14th, marking a new and significant milestone in the company’s growth. The event, held at the historic Palazzo Bernardini in the heart of Lucca, featured presentations on the achievements in the first half of 2023 and unveiled ambitious and challenging plans for the future.

    The event concluded with a pleasant moment of relaxation and a beach dinner at the Faruk Beach Club, set in the beautiful surroundings of Versilia.

    The Mid-Year Business Review 2023: all the news from AKC

    The event was inaugurated by Andrea Petretti, co-CEO of the company, who proudly and enthusiastically highlighted the remarkable milestones achieved by AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting since the beginning of the year. He emphasized that achieving these ambitious results was made possible not only by the daily commitment of all employees but also by the trust and support of all clients.

    The Mid-Year Business Review also served as the occasion to officially announce the launch of AKC North America. Making this exciting announcement after months of work were Michele Barsanti, partner, and Business Developer, and Andrea Martinelli, General Manager of AKC NA. After expanding activities beyond borders, AKC is now ready to launch a new business unit in the United States, seizing an important opportunity to bring the company’s expertise and know-how to international markets through a structured local presence.

    The renovation works for the fAKCtory, AKC’s new headquarters, are also progressing rapidly. Luigi Stefanini, co-CEO, provided all the updates, stating with enthusiasm that starting from 2024, the entire AKC team will have access to a state-of-the-art workspace, providing an optimal environment for the company’s growth and success.

    A highly anticipated moment was the preview of AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting’s first corporate video, presented by Matilda Filolli, Marketing Director. This video was the result of a collective effort from the entire AKC team and will showcase the company’s reality and its constant commitment to providing high-quality services to customers and stakeholders alike.

    The Mid-Year Business Review also provided the opportunity to announce the launch of AKCademy, a new training program dedicated to AKC’s talents. Giulio Barsanti, Delivery Supervisor Director, emphasized the importance of investing in human capital and promoting talent development within the company, regardless of seniority.

    The event concluded with an inspirational message from Simone Bertelli, Head of Consulting Services, highlighting the importance of believing in one’s abilities and pursuing goals with determination. This will be the key that allows AKC to overcome new challenges and reach new heights:

    “We must be aware that with our contribution, we can ensure a bright future for AKC.
    We must believe in our abilities. We must want to achieve the goals we have set.
    Because if we want it, we can do it.”


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