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    Air Base: renovation works begin on the new AKC headquarters

    Modern, efficient, and designed for people: that’s the new office that AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting will move into starting in 2024. The Terigi brothers, owners of the ex Rud Arredamenti, have recently started the renovation works on the building located on the outskirts of the city.

    Thanks to the ongoing redevelopment work, the long-abandoned structure will soon acquire a new life and a new intended use, becoming the new Air Base of AKC. The news was already announced in advance to the company’s employees during the last Kick Off 2023, but now it’s official.

    “We are proud and excited to be able to collaborate as partners with the Terigi brothers,” explained Andrea Petretti, co-CEO of AKC, “participating firsthand in the redevelopment of this area on the outskirts of the city and becoming the beating heart of a building that has all the credentials to become one of the new symbols of Lucca, thanks to the masterful work of the designer architect Simone Micheli and the engineer Paolo Scatena.”

    The move to the new office is just one stage of the ongoing development process of AKC, a company that, in addition to consolidating its position in the Italian market, also aims to expand its presence internationally, with particular attention to European and North American regions. Despite its ambitions for global growth, AKC has decided to maintain strong ties with the city of Lucca, where both the company itself and its main technology partner, Wolters Kluwer | CCH® Tagetik, were born. Among AKC’s objectives is to continue investing in its roots and to maintain a strong presence in the area.

    Air Base: what AKC’s new offices will be like

    One of the challenges that AKC has decided to tackle consistently, day after day, is to make ordinary what is often considered extraordinary, such as employee welfare and well-being. These two factors are inevitably influenced by the physical environment as well. That’s why there is a desire to move to a new location that can meet all work needs, both individually and as a team, while also offering a sociable environment for relaxing and sharing moments together.

    “The move to a new location has been a strongly desired project by the entire AKC Board. Starting next year, the company and its employees will have a new space to work, live, and achieve increasingly ambitious goals while continuing to collaborate side by side. The new Air Base represents another piece of the AKC expansion puzzle, which, after consolidating in the Italian market, has now initiated a process of internationalization,” concluded Luigi Stefanini, CEO of the company.

    The building, which will cover an area of 1,200 square meters on two floors, can accommodate up to 110 people. Inside, there will be over 15 offices designed to offer a comfortable and functional space for employees, as well as 10 meeting rooms ideal for meeting clients from all over Italy and beyond. There will also be several common areas designed to encourage socialization and sharing among colleagues, promoting a climate of collaboration and well-being in the workplace and contributing to creating a serene and productive work environment for everyone.


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