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    AKC, the first Italian Diamond Sponsor at CCH® Tagetik InTouch 2023: scheduled events

    The CCH® Tagetik InTouch Global User Conference, an annual event that brings together hundreds of clients, partners, and financial leaders from around the world, will take place in Lucca from May 23-25, 2023. AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting will be present as the first Italian Diamond Sponsor, as in previous editions.

    The three-day event will feature a rich agenda that will allow participants to explore the state of CPM and present the latest technological developments. Sessions and plenaries will be divided into four tracks:

    • Analytics tech & trends,
    • Predictive extended planning,
    • Financial close & consolidation,
    • Tax, ESG & regulations.

    The event represents an important opportunity for the CCH® Tagetik community to come together, exchange ideas and explore new industry trends. Among the scheduled activities are two sessions in which AKC experts will work alongside clients with whom they have successfully implemented projects, sharing their experiences and providing valuable insights for all participants.

    CCH® Tagetik InTouch 2023: AKC events

    The first event to mark on the agenda is on May 24th at 2:00 PM, during which Mauro Aieta, Finance & Administration Director of Bolton International, and Samuele Bachini, Partner & Business Developer of AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting, will hold a speech entitled “Lead the Change: How Bolton manages key Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting in CCH® Tagetik”.

    The session will address the topic of Bolton’s budgeting and planning process revolution, which has adopted the CCH® Tagetik solution to manage a wide range of planning initiatives. The session will provide an opportunity to learn how the company has developed and benefited from an integrated approach to planning, including budget planning and forecasting, management reporting, and profitability analysis.

    “We are proud to collaborate with Bolton since 2006, and during this session, we will have the opportunity to explore the revolution of their budgeting and planning processes they have adopted in Bolton International through the CCH® Tagetik solution. A solid and successful partnership that has led to extraordinary results for both parties,” added Samuele Bachini.

    Next, at 5:15 PM, Katja De Groot-Altrichter, Head of Strategic Controlling/Corporate Development of Victorinox, and Giorgio Punzo, Partner & Business Developer of AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting, will speak in the session “Leading Change: How Victorinox and AKC are implementing CCH® Tagetik IBP for CPG”.

    In this session, the challenges arising from the use of legacy tools for Sales & Operations Planning and the lack of an adequate Product Portfolio Management system will be illustrated. There will also be a presentation of an end-to-end process map designed to address these difficulties and align the PPM and S&OP process. In particular, the themes regarding the process organization, stakeholder alignment, and improvement of product portfolio management, reporting, and analysis will be discussed. Additionally, plans to create a more collaborative planning environment between Finance and Supply Chain teams will be presented, along with their perspectives on the future of planning and market trends that are influencing their digital transformation.

    “We are excited to support Victorinox in the first CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning project sold in Europe that covers the entire planning chain, from sales to logistics distribution and production planning. We are proud to be the protagonists of this new challenge that has all the cards to be another AKC success. Moreover, important news and other events are coming starting from June, which will allow us to further explore these topics and provide further insights into Integrated Business Planning,” concluded Giorgio Punzo.


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