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    CCH® Tagetik inTouch is calling: AKC is one of the Platinum Sponsors

    After two years of virtual events imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the CCH® Tagetik inTouch global user conference is back in attendance. The event will take place from 21 to 23 September 2022 in Lucca at the Real Collegio. Also in this edition AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting will be present, but this time as Platinum Sponsor, confirming its worldwide partnership. 

    As in previous editions, the global user conference will be an opportunity to meet customers, partners and product experts from all over the world and experience first-hand all the updates to the CCH® Tagetik platform and product innovations designed for the Finance area and beyond. In fact, CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning, a new solution that allows end-to-end planning of the Supply Chain, has recently been added to the Wolters Kluwer stable. AKC is the preferred partner chosen by CCH® Tagetik in 2022 to implement the software in Italy.

    CCH® Tagetik inTouch: AKC is one of the platinum sponsors

    The agenda for the CCH® Tagetik inTouch global user conference is full of events and meetings, and this year AKC will also be one of the event’s Platinum Sponsors. This is a new milestone that adds to the list of those achieved in previous years, confirming a solid and profitable partnership between the two companies, matured over more than 15 years of experience in the sector and which is increasingly broadening its horizons, also crossing national borders, so much so that it is now recognised worldwide. 

    In fact, AKC recently started a process of internationalisation, with the opening of new offices in Sweden, aimed at further consolidating its relationships with partners and customers. By sending highly specialised resources to the Nordic countries to support implementations of the CCH® Tagetik platform, the company intends to strengthen its presence within the local market and develop new business opportunities.

    The presence of AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting at the CCH® Tagetik inTouch global user conference will also give the opportunity to discover in detail the functionalities and features of the solutions proposed by Tagetik, providing innovative ideas especially for the CPG and Retail markets, through four specific product demos, which can be viewed at the AKC booth, just by reserving your seat:


    During the three days dedicated to the world of Finance there will be six in-depth tracks that will allow guests to select the plenaries that best suit their role and the needs of the various businesses. Giorgio Punzo, Partner and Business Developer of AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting, will give a speech on Supply Chain Planning, within the “Integrated Business Planning” section, focusing on:

    • the technological and process integration between Financial Planning and Supply Chain Planning;
    • Extended Planning in an End-to-End process, from Customer to Supplier;
    • how to accelerate Re-Forecasting with the support of CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning. 

    “Be responsive to change”

    Over the past few years, the instability of the markets has become even more marked, but above all the need to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to the changes that companies face every day. It is precisely from these assumptions that AKC’s “Be responsive to change” campaign was born, with the aim of highlighting the importance of smart integration between Finance and Operations tools and processes. 

    It is now becoming increasingly clear that the real competitive advantage at market level, in the near future, will be dictated by a true Integrated Business Planning, which can only be achieved through tools capable of guaranteeing active communication between Finance and Operations flows, so as to be able to cope with unforeseen events that could affect the stability of the business. 

    Our participation in the CCH® Tagetik inTouch global user conference fills us with pride. Through this event we have the opportunity to communicate to our customers and the business world the extension of our offer in the planning area: the Supply Chain. – said Giorgio Punzo – Thanks to the update and extension of the technological offer of our main partner Wolters Kluwer | CCH® Tagetik, it is now possible to effectively integrate the world of Finance with the world of Operations with CCH Tagetik-SCP, for which we are now the only system integrator in Italy”.



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