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    Forum Retail 2022: AKC among the Key Sponsors of the Main Conference

    The twenty-second edition of Forum Retail’s Main Conference, the most anticipated event in the retail sector, will kick off on October 25th. A day dedicated entirely to leaders and experts in the areas of GDO, GDS (global distribution system), Luxury, Fashion & Accessories, Pharma & Healthcare, and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) that will take place at Milan | Mi.Co., finally back in person.

    AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting will be present at the event as a key sponsor of the Main Conference and will see the participation of Giorgio Punzo, Partner and Business Developer at AKC, who will hold a Business Table in which the themes of Integrated Business Planning will be discussed.

    AKC at Forum Retail 2022 on Supply Chain topics

    More than 3,000 professionals are expected to attend Forum Retail, the most complete and up-to-date event for the Retail world in Italy, where the industry’s top experts will tackle the hottest topics of the moment. Among them, Giorgio Punzo, Partner and Business Developer at AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting, will preside over the Business Table “Integrated Planning: from Financial Planning to Operations Planning“, a deep dive aimed at Supply Chain actors in Sales & Demand, Production & Procurement Inventory & Delivery.

    It will be an opportunity to deepen and discover how to address and eliminate the disruptions and bottlenecks that are affecting the entire distribution chain, especially since the beginning of the pandemic, through a new planning software: CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning. The platform was recently expanded by Wolters Kluwer to design end-to-end real-time Supply Chain planning, integrating demand and supply within Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning. During the Business Table, Giorgio Punzo will explain in detail how to apply configurable and easy-to-use workflows with the aim of creating company-level Supply Chain planning.

    The importance of Integrated Business Planning in the Retail sector

    More than ever, integrated Supply Chain planning has become one of the fundamental elements for any business, especially for those operating in the Retail sector. In recent years, due to the pandemic, international crises, and shortages of raw materials, the weaknesses of this complex and delicate network have become even more evident; hence the need to develop strategies through cutting-edge tools to deal with the uncertainties and exceptionalities typical of today’s times.

    The success of a business, therefore, depends on the flexibility and reactivity of its organizational capacity, along the entire distribution chain. Anticipating possible threats to the Supply Chain and planning actions to eliminate them or at least limit them becomes the only element capable of making a difference. Equipping oneself with software that can ensure active communication between Finance and Operations flows, able to remedy unforeseen events that could arise, affecting the stability of the business, must therefore be the priority of every company.


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