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    Lead the Change: AKC’s Global Tour

    This year, “Lead The Change” resonated worldwide thanks to CCH® Tagetik inTouch, a series of global events that successfully brought together thousands of financial professionals, partners, and industry leaders. More than 20 stops occurred over the months in various parts of the world, starting from the inaugural date in Lucca last May.

    On this occasion, AKC was recognized with the prestigious “Leading Competency Center 2022” award, and as a Diamond Partner, had the opportunity to conduct two exceptional sessions in partnership with Bolton Group and Victorinox, sharing knowledge, best practices, and winning strategies. But AKC didn’t stop there and replicated in September with two additional dates: one in Stockholm and finally in Nashville, with the participation of AKC North America.

    CCH® Tagetik Sweden inTouch Event 

    A surprisingly summery day for the season welcomed the CCH® Tagetik event in Stockholm on September 27th. The event kicked off with the presentation of CCH® Tagetik, unveiling product updates and upcoming roadmap milestones.

    A highlight was the Best Practices panel, where Michele Barsanti, Partner and Business Developer at AKC, took the stage alongside Michiel Lelsz from Satriun and Beatrice Crismariu from VantagePoint, sharing experiences and practical insights with all attendees. Following the informative sessions, there was ample space for networking and idea-sharing among CCH® Tagetik Nordic colleagues and professionals from companies like MEKO, NCC, LEAX Group, and Sandvik


    CCH® Tagetik North America inTouch Event 

    On September 28th, AKC North America officially made its in-person debut at the CCH® Tagetik North America inTouch Event, marking a significant moment since its launch announcement. The North American stop was also a tech-rich, inspiring experience with over 100 industry professionals. Product innovations took center stage, particularly focusing on Tagetik’s new offerings, spanning from ESG to Extended Planning, IBP, and the PowerBi connector for data visualization.

    Later, the stage opened up to partners who shared their ‘Tales of Transformation,’ demonstrating how change is possible through collaboration and innovation. The day concluded spectacularly at the Tennessee Titans’ NFL stadium, where all participants had a blast, kicking goals, making throws, and enjoying networking moments.


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