Supply Chain Planning
    15 June 2022

    Supply Chain: definition, what it is for and why is it important to manage

    More frequently we hear about the Supply Chain, especially in this period characterized by pandemics, geopolitical conflicts and the difficulty of acquire raw materials, which inevitably has a huge impact on the entire chain and its production and possible delays in the delivery of goods.  In recent years, analysts have repeatedly focused on the supply […]

    by Giorgio Punzo
    Company news
    14 June 2022

    AKC’s international expansion begins with new offices in Sweden

    With new spaces in the heart of Stockholm, AKC Advanced Knowledge Consulting has laid the foundations for its international development aimed at further consolidating its relationships with partners and customers in the Nordic area. AKC, an application and management consulting company, which for years has been supporting large customers through the implementation of strategic-technological projects, […]

    by Michele Barsanti
    Corporate Performance Management
    2 May 2022

    CCH® Tagetik: 7 capabilities to strengthen the Office of Finance

    Today the Office of Finance is facing new challenges; requests to CFOs are increasing every day, together with the request of decision-making capability and visibility on operational processes. In this phase, the selection of the right software, along with a design phase aimed at optimizing processes, can maximize the results in the CPM (Corporate Performance […]

    by Samuele Bachini
    Corporate Performance Management
    5 October 2021
    8 minutes

    CPM Projects: ERP-centric perspective vs CPM-centric perspective

    Projects coming from the CPM ( or EPM) area have become of common use in our everyday lives. Before taking an in-depth look at our approach and vision in relation to this, let us get a better understanding of what CPM is. What is CPM: definition and approach taken in selecting a software Although slightly […]

    Company news
    16 September 2021
    5 minutes

    Today is launch day

    2021 was definitely a revolutionary year for AKC (and I’m not talking about Covid!).  Within the marketing plan was an activity that, on the one hand, I was looking forward to kicking off, but on the other hand (perhaps a little bit of prior experience) I was looking at it with an air of defiance. […]

    10 February 2021

    Zero-Based Budgeting: with the Covid-19 emergency is it time to re-evaluate it?

    Covid-19 is an accelerator of trends that are already underway, such as the digital revolution, or in general of change in the way we do business.
    This change also involves the ability to rethink one’s own activities, and Zero-Based Budgeting is back in vogue for the fact that it requires a continuous and radical rethinking in relation to the acquisition and allocation of resources to business activities, avoiding to proceed in continuity with a historical experience now distant from the new context in which the company moves.