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Driver or Passenger: program and not establish the promotional activities within an integrated process

Promotions generate, for a CPG company, some distorting effects on sales curves with strong impacts on Production, Stock and Profit Margins.

For this reason, a correct planning of the Promo and a correct evaluation of the economic impacts are fundamental parts in a Sales Demand process. This most of all for Firms with relationships with the Real World.

Discover how with CCH Tagetik you can manage the Promo Calendar, evaluate the return of the investment (ROI) and of every event, all integrated with a cooperative Sales Demand process, in which several company’s figures are involved.

The CCH Tagetik platform- identified by Gartner among the leaders in the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Close Solutions – provides all the technologic functionalities in support of the planning process that, combined with the great consulting experience of Akeron Consulting gives the customers the availability of efficient solutions for business problems linked to the planning and programming of the promotions: passing from being a passenger to being a driver!

The Webinar is for CPG companies.

Agenda 24 march 2020:

10:00 Akeron Consulting & Tagetik: excellence solutions in support of commercial processes for the CPG/Retail market

10:15 Driver or Passenger: program the promotional activities within an integrated process of Sales Demand control

10:30 Application Demo: Promo planning on CCH Tagetik platform

10:50 Q&A

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