Evolution doesn’t come without transformarion.
    To understand the needs and transform them into opportunities, we offer a broad and timely vision that allows us to operate both at a functional and application level.

    Business Transformation
    and consultancy:

    Let’s change together the model of your ecosystem by sharing an evolutionary view of your situation before sharing the tools needed to make the change.
    Business transformation must be ready to respond with principles of impartiality to needs that we can summarize in:
    1) The need to make organisational and structural changes within the company.
    2) Keeping up to date with the ongoing changes in the market of reference.

    Our aim is to reach your aims with these 3 principles: Courage, independence and promptness

    Organisational structure review

    Organisational structure review

    Process Analysis

    Process Analysis

    Data management

    Data management

    Quick thinking is an essential part of finding a solution for your needs and this is how we can do this:

    The Strategy from weeks to days

    We analyse the context and the initiatives; we develop the strategy with the client; we evaluate the Quick Win and we define the whole programme.

    The Construction Phase from months to weeks

    We share the management procedures of the programme and the integration of the team; we develop our processes and the support tools, and we align the organisation with the new setup.

    Managing the Change focus on hyper-care

    We analyse the competence of the organisation; we develop and implement the change plan; we define the evaluation of the performance, and we monitor the progress of the transformation process.

    At AKC, thanks to a systemic and broad vision, we have the skills to transfer that fundamental courage to achieve your business goals through transformation.

    Business Transformation


    Trasformazione digitale delle aziende

    Independent vision

    Business Transformation


    “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy


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