People make the difference.
    Their value emerges in the synthesis between ground-breaking technologies and evolutionary scenarios.

    Let’s face the change together for an evolution incorporated in social and economic environments.

    CIO and Consultancy today:
    a wide-range of discoveries

    The role of the CIO has become increasingly strategic: It’s not just a support but takes on the true sense of development.

    The CIO finds the solutions needed for each company function, together with the values ​​that allow the entire reality to evolve.

    The mission is to bring order to the evolutionary chaos of technology and communication, offering a principle of order to each piece of the great corporate puzzle, characterized by unpredictable and multidirectional aspects.

    In the contemporary context, the role of the CIO may not have all the methodological skills required in the implementation of the plan needed to stay on course.
    Our experience also teaches us that the time needed for implementation may be longer than the CIO’s stay within the company, which is why coaching and support allow us to give continuity to the entrepreneurial vision.

    We plan the present to give life to the future

    “We support the evolution of the CIO from an enabling factor
    to a business performance accelerator

    Our offers for re-shaping your business

    <p>We manage the software & Vendor selection process and the RFP (request for proposal) layout</p>

    We manage the software & Vendor selection process and the RFP (request for proposal) layout

    <p>We give support to the definition of the IT organisation and its phases of evolution.</p>

    We give support to the definition of the IT organisation and its phases of evolution.

    <p>We replan the roadmap<br />
of the technological landscape<br />
that have an impact on the applications<br />
that support the business</p>

    We replan the roadmap
    of the technological landscape
    that have an impact on the applications
    that support the business

    <p>We give instructions<br />
to correctly complete<br />
the application map<br />
that covers all business needs</p>

    We give instructions
    to correctly complete
    the application map
    that covers all business needs

    <p>We create structured<br />
data bases<br />
for a correct analysis<br />
of the business performance</p>

    We create structured
    data bases
    for a correct analysis
    of the business performance

    <p>We define with our clients<br />
only one system<br />
where information must be entered</p>

    We define with our clients
    only one system
    where information must be entered

    <p>We plan goals that cut costs,<br />
avoiding redundancy<br />
and inefficiencies</p>

    We plan goals that cut costs,
    avoiding redundancy
    and inefficiencies

    We have created a method that allows us
    to support the client impartially in:

    • Evaluating the SW that best meets the needs of the client

    • Promptly developing a complete RFP to be submitted to the "market"

    • Choosing the right partner/vendor to give support in implementing the new solution

    • IT Organizational Design

    • IT Operating Model Design

    • IT sizing and cost reduction

    • Role definition and Job description

    A clear perspective is the key to the sustainability of a transformation process
    Evolution is knowing how to choose the technology that is the most functional and suitable for your current and future situation.
    Help us make your choices sustainable

    Reduce uncertainty and increase insight.

    Value potential and make your vision sustainable.

    Support the ecosystem and evolve your resources.

    «The laws of history are as absolute as the laws of physics, and if the probabilities of error are greater, it is only because history does not deal with as many humans as physics does atoms, so that individual variations count for more.»

    Isaac Asimov, writer, philosopher, and the creator of the laws of Robotics


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