Improving efficiency, aligning business lines and controlling risks
    are the results of a unified view of
    data aimed at creating strategic documents, reports and development plans..

    It is not your problem that is unique but the solution that we will build together.

    tools and methods
    for an overview of the data
    in the statutory and management area.

    The aim of consultancy is to improve the generation and acquisition process of data to interpret the present and future business, and be able to read them in a timely manner, redefine the lines of performance improvement and identify any deviations from the company’s objectives.

    For these objectives, knowledge of software alone is not enough, a synthesis of human skills and technological resources is required.

    We know how important it is to have independent, prompt and agile access in reading data.
    For us it is a question of tools and methods, so this is what we have to offer.

    Our design models for your business

    We NEVER lose sight of the multiple aspects of the issues
    relating to the CPM area in the FINANCIAL CLOSE area: Statutory and managerial, income and balance sheet assets, financial, statutory and management consolidation processes

    We guarantee an alignment in the FINANCIAL PLANNING ANALYSIS area with both an “operational” view and “financial” one, an alignment of the business plan with asset and financial planning and the alignment of the responsibility with the control model.

    With just one software application you can merge all essential data and allow them to be used by all of the business lines at the same time

    Our Services:
    Closing and Consolidation process model design

    Closing and Consolidation process model design

    Control and reconciliation model design

    Control and reconciliation model design

    Disclosure and reporting model design

    Disclosure and reporting model design

    Application project delivery

    Application project delivery

    Performance Analysis and Visualization

    Performance Analysis and Visualization

    Data collection is simple enough, but giving them a meaning and assuring their reliability is a whole different story.
    At AKC we avoid that the excess of data is seen as a form of myopia that could lead you to “sail in uncharted waters”.
    We restore the awareness of the role and meaning of the data produced internally.

    • Budgeting, planning & Forecasting model design

    • Financial Planning Control model design

    • Design del modello di controllo di planning strategico e operativo

    • Analysis and Reporting model design

    • Delivery progetti applicativi

    • Analisi e visualizzazione delle performance

    AKC offers a structural independence between the data and the subjects that generate them,
    guaranteeing a solid navigation for a privileged and systemic observation of correct and functional data.


    Correct viewing

    Corporate Performance Management

    Reliable data



    “We make to ourselves pictures of facts”

    Ludwig Wittgenstein


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