Getting the job done by using aggregated and not entirely significant data is equivalent to carrying out over expensive processes that do not constitute tangible value, thus increasing the isolation of the HR sector from the rest of the key structures.

    At AKC we make your data readable, standardized and usable, leaving behind tiring unstructured procedures: let’s start talking about software-based distributed models for planning and accounting.

    acknowledging a strategic role

    The key functions in the HR world cannot be defined without strengthening the tools related to the front lines of the company in the various areas.

    The managerial value of data, in fact, represents the main tool for an efficient management of human resources.

    Putting together the needs of individual departments in an unstructured and continuous manner means not exploiting the potential at hand. In the unpredictable contexts in which we find ourselves it is equivalent to less control of the business.

    The criticalities of your sector
    cannot be avoided but foreseen and managed,
    together let’s see how.

    We are here to guide you in the process and the transformation

    We know that you are the backbone but too many times you are seen as a peripheral office, until you don’t become indispensable.
    In a context of strong change, you will be in the position to make valuable decisions, planned well in advance, normalizing the various data sources in a single system, at any level of detail and aggregation.

    We can guide you with our expertise towards:

    Headcount Planning model designs

    Headcount Planning model designs

    Cost of labour model designs

    Cost of labour model designs

    Design of Rewards system models for employees

    Design of Rewards system models for employees

    Performance analysis and visualisation

    Performance analysis and visualisation

    Application project delivery

    Application project delivery

    Per un concreto beneficio di tutta l’organizzazione, non è più tempo di inseguire i dati, è il momento di gestire la loro raccolta in anticipo rispetto alle sfide del mondo di oggi, accordando al mondo HR un ruolo attivo nello sviluppo del business.

    Dai un significato reale
    ai dati che chiedi.

    Disegna una previsione
    accurata degli scenari.

    Impatta nella crescita
    della tua realtà.

    «Le capacità delle risorse umane possono estendersi illimitatamente quando ogni persona comincia a pensare.»

    Taiichi Ohno, Ingegnere e artefice del sistema Toyota


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