Our Advanced Knowledge for a clear, methodological,
    and united vision for “decision making”.

    Find out more abour our vision in Project and Portfolio Management.

    Project and portfolio management
    and consulting:

    From our experience we have often found misalignments among operational schemes and policy objectives: often more surprising than what you would think.

    This often creates an inefficient allocation, at the top of the organization, of human resources and financial resources.

    Yet many of these organizations culturally tend to use informal methods to make critical decisions about most investments. In the long term, this could lead to unsatisfactory results, drawing attention to the need to make use of a more aware and stronger management, capable of making transparent and methodologically based choices.

    PPM: our tools for a complete strategic management,
    today essential for working in an increasingly complex ecosystem.

    In the PPM sector, AKC aims to recover and manage the information necessary for a better and easier operational and financial management:
    a growing path in which our consultancy is strongly connected to the absolute experience of the people who are part of the Team.

    Start working with us to create the projects perfect for your strategic business plan.

    Our Services:

    Portfolio Management<br>(Business and IT)

    Portfolio Management
    (Business and IT)

    Project and Program Management

    Project and Program Management

    Project Management Office

    Project Management Office

    Project Quality Assurance

    Project Quality Assurance

    Culture Change

    Culture Change

    Let’s move towards a change by promoting choices based on structured methods and processes.

    Rely on trustworthy processes and methods

    Re-align your stategic prospect with your organisation

    Ensure a more flexible and functional management performance

    “Don’t drown yourself in details, look at the whole.”

    Ferdinand Foch, French General


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