Quality Policy

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First issued on 04.08.2017
Ed 1 Rev.00

Akeron Consulting operates in the Consulting Management area of Performance Management.

Akeron Consulting’s Senior Management has considered it necessary to adopt a system of quality management with the aim of defining and monitoring all business processes by projecting them towards a continuous improvement and continually increasing the satisfaction of their customers and all stakeholders, by taking into account relevant expectations and requirements. This has been taken from a strategic, practical and directional point of view considering the position of the company as a leading consulting company with the need to expand beyond the Italian market towards international clientele.

The Quality Management System includes all the services offered by Akeron Consulting, management, monitoring and control, risk and opportunity assessment, stakeholder requirements, everything that has a full impact on the outcome of the final product results and services provided.

The Akeron Consulting Senior Management, taking into account the context in which the organization operates, and in particular with reference to the market and the competitor’s analysis defines, in support of its strategic guidelines and the goals it intends to pursue, the ” Quality Policy “.

It determines:

  • The importance of implementing synergies with Partners (both technological and functional) to enhance the package of the services offered. This aspect is important for both the Italian and foreign markets.
  • Constant monitoring of the projects that the market requires to identify new areas of application in¬† other sectors and markets.
  • The importance of promoting partnerships with the aim to spread the offer of Akeron’s portfolio to open up new market segments;
  • The importance of promoting the services offered abroad also with the aim of expanding the prevalently local market;
  • Commitment to increasing customer loyalty and focusing on engaging new customers by offering accurate service, professionalism and quality of work, but also, above all, complete availability as well as the search for high performing solutions in terms of simplifying processes and reducing management times;
  • The commitment to best meet the expectations of all stakeholders through the constant control and monitoring of processes and feedback, providing input for defining improvement goals
  • The importance of consolidating new development strategies, taking into account the opportunities, risks and the level of impact they have on achieving the objectives set, defining effective prevention actions.
  • Commitment to providing all the resources necessary for a correct development of processes, infrastructures, work environment, staff (identifying key subjects for business development, well selected work-team)
  • Well organised and efficient management, while safeguarding customer satisfaction
  • Ensure that all parties concerned have the utmost transparency of management choices

By keeping the above objectives listed in consideration, the Senior Management is commited to:

  • Identifying the needs and expectations of both internal and external stakeholders and commit to meeting the identified requirements;
  • Spreading within Akeron Consulting the Quality Policy adopted, containing business strategies that serve as a benchmark for defining the Business Quality Goals, ensure that it is available to stakeholders and that it is constantly updated based on the vulnerability of the context;
  • Attract ¬†Activate an appropriate SGQ control system that allows the measurement of the performance of each process, including outsourcing processes.
  • Pursuing continuous improvement through stakeholder satisfaction surveys with tools that can provide a useful response to improvement planning action planning actions of improvement.
  • Providing the resources needed to manage the development, maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System.