Closing Management

    The management closing activity which, in general, makes it possible to produce a balance sheet for the business analysis on a monthly basis – with possible flash and accounting closures within the usual month -, in the case of a manufacturing company, it assumes particular importance, especially for the presence of the cost of goods sold.

    In these cases, in fact, it is essential to ensure the balance between the purchases and inventories and that of the cost of sales, in order to give significance to the reading of the data and to the analysis of margins in particular.

    The process that guarantees this balancing can be performed with CCH Tagetik which has an engine dedicated to the purpose, but also requires support in the implementation since some aspects related to the enhancement of the warehouse must be treated with due attention.

    AKC, thanks to the experience gained in the field in recent years, is the ideal partner for this type of project, both for the specialized experience on the subject, and for the skills as a system integrator of CCH Tagetik making it unique at international level.

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