Contract Management

    All companies have equipped themselves with ERP systems that manage the passive cycle. However, this often follows the standards linked to the canonical processes of purchase requests, order placements, incoming goods, and payment. Unfortunately, however, more and more services and goods that companies buy are today modelled not as a ‘commodity’ but as a ‘service’ and this service is often regulated by recurring contracts (rents, leases, fees, ..)

    In the case of a continuative contract, the canonical ERP process is in fact overstructured: it is not necessary to issue an order for a fee that has been contracted and often certain services are paid without even having received the invoice.

     The solution that AKC proposes to simplify accounting processes and improve management control is to equip the company with systems for the management of passive contracts such as Akeron Contract Management.

     The areas of application of this are many: 

    • the management of active and/or passive leasing contracts;
    •  the management of leasing contracts for equipment; 
    • the management of leasing contracts or long-term rental of company fleets;
    •  the management of contracts of temporary workers.

     The use of Akeron CM makes it possible to simplify accounting processes, streamline administrative procedures, improve the level of control, manage in the destination of the costs in an analytical way (without implementing complex accounting recording mechanisms or algorithms of cost allocation), to estimate these costs during the year in a very precise way without having to make estimated allocations.

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