HR Planning & Control

    The first cost item (excluding the part regarding goods) is usually connected to the cost of personnel. It is a complex area that cannot be considered an invariant with respect to business dynamics. This creates an important relationship between the sales department and HR management.

    Alongside the classic dynamics linked to the standard remuneration, all the actions relating to the variable parts must also be managed and planned: from calculating overtime to something more complex such as variable compensation.

    AKC uses its consulting experience and IT tools to support these phenomena to create planning and control models to help calculate hours and personnel costs integrated and coordinated with business planning models: it is increasingly necessary to correlate business dynamics on the sales and margins with the profitability dynamics according to the sales point, with the shop margin or department margin by including the variable component of remuneration in this analysis.

    From an IT point of view, Tagetik’s CPM platform allows you to model analytical control processes (per head/day/remuneration component) integrating it with economic, asset and financial planning models. In the case of complex models of Incentive Compensation regarding the store personnel, AKC is able to support the sales department and HR management in modelling and directing the incentive systems in accordance with the margin planning strategies by using the Akeron IC solution.

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