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Our Strategic Consulting

The strategic consulting of AKC in support of top management is a unique element that wants to give concrete answers to the needs of the business and accompanies our customers in their process of transformation.
We guarantee in our activities the integration between the evolution of business processes and the technological landscaping.
We support our customers in the evolutionary choices of technological solutions to support change.
We guide our clients in the management of complex implementations and we accompany them in the management of organizational change with impact on processes and resources.

The area of intervention of our Strategic Consulting

Business Transformation support

The AKC Team is able to give support during the evolution of the Business organization and processes of the business:

  • high-level and detailed analysis with To Be process design and the definition of the roadmap transformation;
  • definition of roles and of the responsibility of the new organization.
Support for the IT Strategy

AKC has an internal personnel that over the years has gained profound experience in the auditing of technological landscaping and It solutions to help support businesses.
In particular our team can give support to the CIO in:

  • defining an architectural roadmap of the applications;
  • defining the IT organization and the roles/job description that are part of it.
Support during the Vendor phase and the SW selection

The participation in numerous software selections during the years has allowed AKC to develop a personal competence and methodology in supporting clients during the Vendor phase and the SW selection with reference to the two principal aspects:

  • support in the RFP layout with a As Is analysis and a To Be model of writing with an evolutionary roadmap;
  • software Management and vendor selection (with the possibility to share the evaluation/scoring model).
Support in Project and change management

AKC takes part in person during system integration activities. Consequently over the years it has acquired competences in the operation of Project Management and in the change management of implementing software solutions. Therefore it is able to:

  • give support to clients in project management by using the classic activities of executive planning and controlling the implementation of activities;
  • guide the client in the management of organizational activities determined by the impact of the new IT solution that must be adopted in the new Technological landscape.

The business areas we address

CFO – CPM Advisory

Support to the function for improving the following operative areas:

  • Budget&Forecast process
  • Civil and management consolidation
  • Closing process
  • Financial/Treasury planning
  • Cost production planning and control
  • Control model
  • Profit analysis
CIO - IT Advisory

Support for the management and governance of IT structures:

  • IT portfolio management
  • PMO: project management of complex projects and IT initiatives
  • SW and Vendor selection: support in choosing the software solution and the system integrators
Business transformation

Support for the various business functions in the analysis and fulfilment of processes of change by:

  • Assessment
  • Roadmap & master plan
  • Organizational design & process design
  • Change management

About us

Our consultants

The consultants of AKC are able to combine a profound cross-industry experience, on the various functional areas, with the application of methodologies and systemic vision of the industrial and service realities. The people who coordinate and manage the projects have an average seniority of over 18 years. The attention and care of the deliverables of the strategic activities carried out alongside our customers, has materialized over the years in the loyalty shown by the customers themselves consolidated over time.

Simone Bertelli Partner
Giorgio Tenucci Marketing Director
Giorgio Punzo Business Developer

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